Do I really need Facebook, Twitter, a blog, a website etc …???!!!

My website’s now gone live which is a very exciting step.  I’m starting to feel like a real author – I have a website, a facebook page, a blog.  All I need now is a book!  Is there any way to make October come around more quickly?

But all the time I’ve spent lately on making sure anyone can find me online has made me wonder – is it worth the time it’s taken away from my writing?  All this stuff has to be done in the tiny piece of time that I have to myself whilst the little ones are sweetly snoring which, now that I have 3 to coordinate could be anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours.  Are people really going to be interested enough in me and my books to want to ‘Like’ me on Facebook?  And what about the pressure I now feel to perform for those that do – will they not ‘like’ me any more if I don’t give them something new at least once a week? 

I’ve decided not to invest any time into Twitter because I have to stop somewhere and I can’t yet see the point of miniaturising my thoughts into Tweets – I became a novelist because my thoughts are usually book length, not 140 characters!  I guess time will tell if it is worth it.  My facebook page, my blog and my website all give me stats on how many people visit and for how long and what they look at so I can see just how popular I am on any given day; I’m sure there’ll be days when no one loves me at all …


  1. Trin

    Great to see that everything is happening – count down to October! I have just read your entire blog and feel like we have had an uninterupted coffee with just a few less coments from me ah bliss. So of course this time will be worth it. Plus we will all want to know what you are thinking and writing about and when the followup novel is released. Yes I have been known to check other authors pages (those who shall not be named here) some to find out their next release and others because I love reading their work in every form and that includes you!

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