The Kids’ Books of the Month

July's favourite booksI thought that every month I’d show you which of the books that we’d taken out of the library had become the kids’ favourites.  These are the ones my two year old voted for – I talk more on my website about Baby Bird’s Blankie which has been one of the best kids’ books we’ve seen for a while. 

It seems Angelina Ballerina never goes out of style; both my two year old and four year old love her.  And the Hairy McClary series – we’ve borrowed Schnitzel Von Krumm Forget-Me-Not this time – seems to endure from around age one until they are at least four.  Polly Dunbar writes the Tilly and Friends series, of which Pretty Pru is shown here; it’s great fun and I love her illustrations.

My four year old voted for a couple of the same books as her sister – Millie and Katie and the Bathers.  I think they are both entranced by the fact that Millie paints her baby brother red in the book – let’s hope they don’t try to do the same to their brother! July's favourite books But my pick of their favourites is Louise: The Adventures of a Chicken about a daredevil chicken who longs for adventure and finds it on the high seas, under the Big Top, and in foreign lands but always returns to roost and rest and regale the other chooks with her adventures when it all gets a bit too exciting.


  1. Anita Fredericks

    Lots of new ones for us to seek out. And I just love the way that you have a favourite of their favourites!

  2. You know what it’s like – when you have to read the same books over and over again you quickly develop a preference for some books over others. I must confess to occasionally hiding a book at the back of the shelf as I couldn’t bear to read it again but none of the books I’ve written about here have caused me to stoop to that level this month.

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