1 month to go: Countdown to a book launch

Countdown10. Invitations: done. Sent out: not yet. Publishers don’t like to send these out early. I’m not sure why. I live in a land where if I don’t book a babysitter at least 3 weeks in advance, I can’t get one. I hope no one on the invitation list has this problem. If you do want your invitation early, click here: Launch invitation. Sshhh, don’t tell!

9. Launch speech: finished. Thank you Big Sky Writers’ Festival for the chance to get that right.

8. Signature for book signing: a work in progress. According to my husband, who used to be a stockbroker and is therefore not to be trusted, my signature is illegible. People will ask for their money back if I write it in their books. So I’ve been practising. But how many different ways are there to write Natasha Lester? Maybe I’ll just buy a nice pen, perhaps in gold with diamantes; that way, people will be so blinded by the pen, they won’t notice my signature.

7. Books: have arrived, apparently. I have one lonely copy. My husband spilt water on it last week. He was in big trouble. I hope to see a large pile of Left Overs, as my book is so affectionately nicknamed, at New Edition Bookshop on the night.

6. Clothes: hmmm. I will be wearing some. I promise. Hopefully the baby won’t puke on them as I run out the door.

5. Launcher: is this what you call the person who launches your book? It sounds as if they’re about to take off to the moon. Which I hope she’s not. Thank you to the lovely Pip O’Connell.

4. Babysitter: booked. As much as I love my children, I do not want to have to compete with the sounds of three kids calling out ‘Mummy, it’s my turn for the microphone’ at my book launch.

3. Guest list: finalised. Please don’t be busy on October 19. I don’t care if it’s your birthday, wedding anniversary or if you’re going overseas. Take a trip to Fremantle instead. If books don’t interest you, perhaps a glass of wine will persuade you?

2. Nerves: oh yes, I have those.

1. Book trailer: check. Website: check. Facebook page: check. Media release: check. Book club notes: check. Blog: check. Interviews: check. Sleep: oh no, too late, the baby’s crying. Maybe in another lifetime …

PS: See you on the 19th October!

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