People are starting to read my book …

Okay, it’s officially a scary time. People are starting to read my book. People are starting to say things about it. How I wish I could control this part of the process in the same way that I controlled the writing of the book.

It’s still too early for most reviews to come out; there have been just a couple of official reviews so far, such as this one from Overland journal. I have to say, it’s not a bad thing to read that someone wished your book could have been longer!

But the reviews that have pleased me the most are the completely unexpected ones, written by people who’ve bought What is Left Over, After and who have been moved by something they’ve found in it to send me an email or to publish their opinion in cyberspace.

Today, for instance, I received an email from a lady who I’d met and who had purchased my book at the Big Sky Writers’ Festival. She’d then taken the time to visit my website, click through to the ‘Contact Me’ page and then send me a note, letting me know how much she’d enjoyed the book. I was so pleased and so taken aback that somebody would go to the trouble of finding a way to contact me to give me feedback. And I can tell from her note that she really ‘read’ the book; she understood exactly what it was that I was trying to say in my story.

I also discovered (yes, I was googling myself) that someone has posted up a review of What is Left Over, After on goodreads. They gave it four stars out of five and wrote some wonderful things about the book. Again, as a writer, it’s the highest praise to have a reader appreciate your work so much that they find a way to tell others about it.

I always hoped, back when I was setting up my website and blog and facebook page, that I would be able to interact with readers. Because without readers, I wouldn’t be able to do the thing that I love to do. And it’s heartening to see that I’m not the only one who wants to interact; it seems that others do too. I look forward to finding other comments on the wonderful world wide web to keep me inspired and to keep me writing, especially on days when the kids aren’t sleeping and I think I must be insane to even contemplate writing books in the time I have left over from being a mum to three young children.


  1. Mel

    lol that was my review 🙂 I even posted it on my blog. I’m so glad your getting great feedback. Well deserved.

  2. Thanks Mel – I didn’t know you had a blog, thanks for giving me the link and thanks so much for taking the time to post a review on Good Reads and on your blog. I love readers like you! It was great meeting you in Geraldton.

  3. Mel

    Your welcome, it was great meeting you too!

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  5. As a new-found writer for the past 3.5 years I found your article extremely encouraging. I found myself shaking my head and agreeing to just about everything you said and reacted to. I would love to get some advice from you. I am currently working on my writer’s platform as you once did. I’ve managed to get a Twitter account, and Facebook Author page. Not to mention even a blog. However I’m really not sure all what I’m doing. It would be greatly appreciated if you get some time, like I’m trying with my 4, to get back with me. Every little bit helps!
    Thanks and I’m so glad to have gound your article.

    Carmen :0

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