Here’s where it all began …

A pile of notebooks full of ideas. As I flip through them now, I can see that some of the scraps caught in these pages are in the published version of What is Left Over, After. They’ve survived being a scribble in a notebook, made it through redrafting and editing and proofreading, and are now fixed between the covers of my book.


This is the very first draft of What is Left Over, After. I’m too embarrassed to read it now, especially with that pretentious title.

First draft 

The first draft became a very large pile of drafts. I apologise to any trees offended by this photograph.


And here’s the version that won the TAG Hungerford Award. Which was where the real work began. That’s an editor’s report in the photo, complete with lovely diagrams which, odd as they look, actually really helped me to turn my scrappy old manuscript into something that more closely resembled a novel.

Editor's report

Ah, now it’s starting to look a bit more like a book. This is where I began to get just a little excited. This was the proofreading stage and it’s very hard to read your own book word for word to make sure there are no typos. I continually found myself reading the sentence I thought should be there, rather than the one I’d actually typed.


The advance copies went out and did their work and the reviews are rolling in. So far, I’ve been lucky, they’ve all been positive. You can read some of them here.


Which brings us to … tomorrow night. Launch night. Can’t wait. See you there!

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