Are you a book buyer or borrower?

I’m definitely a book buyer. And I have been re-stocking my shelves over the last couple of weeks courtesy of the local primary school fair and the local church book sale.

I love second hand books. I tend to take more risks with second hand books and buy books that I mightn’t if I had to part with $30 for them. I also like the way that church fetes and school fairs are self limiting; it’s not like walking into a bookshop and only seeing a fraction of the titles available because the shop is too big and you’re in too much of a rush.

Second hand book buying involves browsing, taking the time to go through each and every box of books, seeing every title on offer and selecting anything that you might have ever thought of reading because it will only cost you one or two dollars. I bought Kate Morton’s The Shifting Fog at the school fair a couple of weeks ago simply because I’d just read an article about her and the release of her third book in the newspaper. I was sick in bed last week and took out The Shifting Fog because it was a decent length and didn’t look like it was heavy going – perfect for a sick bed.

It’s an absolute cracker of a story – and it’s a story I would never have discovered if I hadn’t been to the school fair. So now I intend to go to the book shop and buy her second and third books to see if they measure up to the first.

I know some people can’t bear anything other than new books. Some are inveterate library borrowers. Others will never part with books they have bought. I must confess to regularly pruning my shelves of disappointments and dispatching such books to new owners via a garage sale every couple of years.

So what else did I find on my book buying binge? Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian, some Virginia Woolf, Chris Wormersley’s brand new release Bereft; a dozen books for $40. Now I just need time to read them all …


  1. Trin

    Overall definately a brand new book buyer. Since I have been a child I haved loved choosing the book and enjoying the anticipation of what’s to come. Perhaps a brand new book all fresh without a crease symbolises that for me. I must love the whole experience not only the story (sorry beautiful author). I think this also is due to the fact that I have also always been overly obsessive about my books and their condition. Once in highschool a dear friend returned a pristine book all dog eared with a torn cover stickied tape together which was quite devastating at the time and from that point on had anxiety with lending books (oh dear). I would still lend them but all friends recieved intructions on how I would like them to read and return my books; no turning corners over or bending the spine (friends must surely have only attempted to borrow once after the lecture).

    Interestingly I’ve relaxed I think from having children, things don’t stay quite as pristine so am not quite as obsessive as I can be and at times the family budget has led to library borrowing and buying from book stalls. But I still can’t bare to part with my books.

  2. I’m the same as you when it comes to lending books to people – I will quite gladly lend all sorts of things to people but not books! I’m a bit like my 2 year old – haven’t quite learned to share yet!

  3. hello, I hope I will not distract the conversation but I wanted to ask You where You have the picture above from? The one with books. I am a graphic designer and I am prepearing identification for Book Festival and the photo suits perfectly in one of the posters. Would be very pleased for help.

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