I’m going to be a real author this week

I’m about to head off to Sydney for my first official writing research trip. It’s times like this when I actually feel like a real author instead of just a person who spends her days wiping her children’s snotty noses (yes, we’ve had a lot of colds in our house of late) and occasionally bashing out a few words on her computer.

I’ve always had a habit of reading the acknowledgements that authors include at the back of their books where they thank this doctor and that detective and this lawyer for showing them how a world that the author has created for a character really works. And I’ve always thought how wonderful it would be to spend a day or so looking into someone else’s job as research for a book. And now I’m about to do it.

The nice thing about contacting people to ask them if they will talk to you as part of your research into writing a book is that they overwhelmingly say yes. They’re as interested in talking to an author as I am in talking to them.

One of the main characters in my second book, Bodies, is a heart transplant surgeon. I don’t have a lot of experience in transplanting hearts and it’s not something I can really wing my way through – it is a work of fiction but some things need to be believable. Hopefully, by the time I come home from my trip in Sydney I’ll know more than many people about heart transplantation and just enough for me to be able to flesh out some of the scenes that take place at the hospital where my character works.

So, I’m off to feel like a real author for a few days. Hopefully someone else will take care of the snotty tissues …

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