10 things it is too hot to do

Perth is in the middle of a record breaking heatwave, hence the subject of this post. Now, onto the list before my keyboard melts beneath the pads of my fingers.

10 things it is too hot to do

1. Blog.

2. Feel guilty about not blogging.

3. Teach a 3 hour Creative Non-Fiction seminar at uni in a room with no air-conditioning.

4. Compose an email to somebody about the lack of air-conditioning in the room and invite them to sit in on next week’s seminar.

5. Play with the kids. I read the The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton to them instead. We’re up to the part where Jo, Fanny and Bessie are in the Land of Snow and Ice, a place we would all like to be right now.

6. Plan 3 kids’ birthday parties. Who is silly enough to give birth to all three of their children in the one month?

7. Be nervous about speaking at the Perth Writers Festival. If it’s still this hot, no one will bother to come.

8. Go anywhere near the kitchen.

9. Contemplate the intricacies of book royalties as a percentage of net receipts vs a percentage of royalties for the new Kindle edition of What is Left Over, After.

10. Everything.


  1. marlish glorie

    What a cool blog on a heatwave which is more like a tidal wave.On’ya Natasha, you conveyed what we’re all feeling -fatigued and fed up with this heat even if it is an historical weather event.
    All the best for the Writers Festival! Last year it was unbearably hot, and the place was packed.

    • Hi Marlish – yes, here’s hoping it cools down for the Writers Festival. Last year I was 39 weeks pregnant at the festival so I’m hoping that, in comparison, this year must surely feel a little cooler as I won’t be lugging around an extra person in my belly!

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