Highlights of the Perth Writers Festival, according to me

Well of course my 3 sessons will be highlights – that goes witout saying! But more seriously, a real highlight for me is being on a panel with Gail Jones, a writer I have long admired. I think I may even be a little in awe of her – here’s hoping I’m not so awestruck on Saturday that I forget to speak.

The Opening Party will be a highlight I’m sure. This is where  get to wear my Artist’s Pass around my neck and pretend I’m someone important for a while. Oh, and going to the Green Room before my session will be a highlight too – I’ve never been into a Green Room before but, once again, that handy little Artist’s Pass has me going to all kinds of places.

Making it through each panel without breaking into a sweat from the horrific heatwave will also be a highlight – if I can manage it. It is always outlandishly hot at the Writers Festival, but that could just be me; I’ve been 39 weeks pregnant at two of the last 3 festivals and maybe this year, minus my basketball belly, I’ll find it all quite balmy.

I’m taking the girls to Animagica on Sunday as part of the Writers Festival Family Day for Chinese silhouette puppetry versions of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, accompanied by a group from Iceland who make music to accompany the stories, using water filled glasses, musical saws and violins. It all sounds so spectacular that I’ve already decided I want to use Chinese silhouette puppetry in my next book.

The opening debate, Truth and Fiction, should be good as writers always love to talk about this stuff. And the launch of indigo on Saturday night will be a highlight because one of my creative non-fiction pieces is featured on the journal.

I want to hear Lyndall Gordon talk about her biography of Emily Dickinson, see Toni Jordan, Sophie Gee and Brenda Walker at one of the Festival’s book club events, listen to Kirsten Tranter’s views on how literary classics can teach us many things when it comes to writing, and hear Caroline Overington discuss the way she used fiction to explore some ptretty nasty issues that she dealt with as a journalist.

Of course, there’s lots more but that’s just a taste. I’ll report back on Monday with how it all went. Oh, and one final highlight will be if anyone from the audience is actually interested enough in me to ask me a question in one of my panels!

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