A room of my own at last!

A very quick blog today because I am surrounded by empty cardboard boxes that are supposed to be full cardboard boxes by the end of the day. We are finally moving into our new house this week, which is very exciting, but the most exciting thing of all is that I will finally have my very own room in which to write.

The Studio, as my husband jokingly refers to it and as I quite seriously have named it, has one entire wall of shelves to hold all of my books. It has a view of the garden. With two doors that open to the outside so I can sit on my very own porch with a hot cup of tea and a head full of ideas (there are, of course no children in this part of the fantasy).

But in all seriousness I feel so blessed to have this room. At the moment I write in the dining room, right next to the kitchen, and it is one of the main thoroughfares through the house. My desk gets lovingly rearranged by my children every morning.  It is neither peaceful, nor tranquil nor at all inspiring – the predominant colour scheme is beige and oh, how I do not love beige.

My new room, on the other hand, has a space for a desk and also a comfy chair to curl up in and read. It has a wall of fabulous Florence Broadhurst wallpaper. I’m even going to reclaim my piano from the playroom and dust off my music books. Oh, and of course I’m going to write too, when I’m not too busy just sitting and admiring my room!


  1. Wow, your new studio really sounds like a dream come true. I always incision myself with a place that will have one room dedicated to my reading, writing, and drawing. I am collecting books for that time…that, and I just like to collect books.

  2. Sounds divine! I’m very lucky too, to have a room of my own, with the long-dreamed of wall covered floor to ceiling with books. I’m missing the view and the porch though!

  3. Sounds utterly gorgeous!! Any space for a spare desk for friendly writer folk 🙂

    • Always! I actually have two cosy chairs in the studio for curling up and reading books – imaginining it might be a nice place to be interviewed once I’m a famous writer! – but you’re welcome to escape to one of them any time!

  4. marlish glorie

    Good one Natasha! Although I don’t envy you the moving, getting a room of one’s own to read and write in is a major achievement. And I know you’ll cherish the space and write many a splendid novel in it!

  5. Oh that sounds awesome Tash! Quite a testament to your ability that you’ve managed so much in such an incongruous environment, imagine what you’ll achieve now =) I recently traded up from a view of pavement and a grey fence to a golf course nestled in a quarry, but I’m still sitting RIGHT next to my computer tech bench. Thankfully Malwarebytes can take up to a couple of hours to scan a customers hard drive =)

    • I hope it’s true that upgrading my surroundings will upgrade my writing performance – otherwise I might find myself booted out of the Studio have to watch while the kids(or my hubby) try to reclaim it as a playroom!

  6. I hear you Natasha, I currently write in the kids playroom, with my feet resting on a box of Thomas the Tank Engine toys and my computer propped next to not one, but two PlaySkool ball popping machines. This will be the last night I can say that though.
    My new ‘attic’ writing room was carpeted today and tomorrow at 9am, I will be kissing and hugging my furniture delivery man as he brings me my new desk, reading chair, and bookshelves.
    I am so excited at the thought of my new writing room it’s almost indecent. I just hope it inspires me to keep writing.

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