The Studio

I know I’ve mentioned my new writing room here before but it’s finally finished and therefore time to share some pics.

Here is part of the wall of books – note there’s still lots of empty shelves so I’ll have to head out on a book buying expedition soon.

And here is the chair in which I will sit when I am famous and people come to my house to interview me all about my latest Booker Prize win.

My lovely hubby bought me this beautiful painting for mother’s day. It’s by talented local artist Lori Pensini – it’s all about the imaginative places we escape to when we read books so it’s the perfect painting for my writing room.

The piano – my 5 year old child plays it more than I do at the moment but one day soon I hope to have time to get back to playing.

My desk, the place where it all happens. The wallpaper is a Florence Broadhurst design that I chose about 3 years ago and have been wating for the day when I finally get to see it hung. It looks spectacular!

Now, best get myself back behind the desk to do some writing …


  1. Thanks to one of the chicks in my Design Experience unit, I actually know who that is, the wallpaper looks great and I love the shelving unit, so much more exciting than my 6 row book case from office works o0
    And that looks like a Toshiba laptop on a docking station =)

  2. What a lovely room! Worth the wait. Love the wallpaper. You are so lucky to have a wall to hang it on! Now get writing!

  3. The room looks spectacular, you must never want to leave!

    • Thanks Shannon – yes every time the kids wake up from their sleeps I am so tempted just to shut the door and pretend I can’t hear them but I feel guitly after only about 2 minutes of crying so that doesn’t work!

  4. Trin

    Looks fabulous, especially the wallpaper!

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