I’m looking forward to August because …

So, all things going well, my next book, Bodies, (UPDATE – Bodies is now called If I Should Lose You) will be published in August 2012. I’m very excited because it’s wonderful just to have one book published, let alone have another one accepted and well on its way to a bookshelf near you.

This time, I’ve done the whole process with an agent and I must say that if you can get an agent, then do! I met Jenny Darling, my agent, for the first time last week while she was over in Perth for a couple of days and I’m very glad to have her on my side. There is so much change happening in the book industry, especially in relation to e-books and when and if e-book sales will takeover print book sales, that it’s great to have someone whose job it is to keep abreast of the changes, the industry and how it all applies to me, the writer, on my side.

I just don’t have the time to do it myself. Writing, tutoring at uni and having three kids often exhausts me, especially when I’m going through a patch like we are at the moment when there has been at least one sick child in my house every day for the last couple of months. I would love to know all the intricacies of e-book royalties, predictions for the future, the technology etc. But at 5.00pm when I finally have half an hour of free time, it’s cooking dinner that’s going to win out every time over reading CAL’s report on digital publishing trends because I can’t feed three kids a pdf.

When I received my contract for What is Left Over, After, I used the ASA’s excellent Contracts Advisory Service, which was a huge help, but I still felt as though I was faking it, signing something when I probably didn’t absolutely understand every single clause in the contract as well as I ought. This time, I am so much more confident about the process because Jenny has negotiated a lot of contracts in her life and does it very well. But it’s not just the ins and outs of contracts that an agent manages; let’s not forget moral support, advice about the industry, a sounding board and many other intangibles that an agent brings to a writer.

So … pop your corks and have a glass of champers for me – and bring on August 2012!


  1. “I can’t feed three kids a pdf” is a great line. And who knows what will happen in the future, maybe we can just email them their vegetables 🙂

    That’s really exciting to have a concrete date for your next book, congrats! And I can imagine how much better it must feel with an agent – not flying blind. We can’t be expected to know everything about everything, after all.

    • Thanks Amanda, it’s been great. I hadn’t realised I would be just as nervous about the whole thing the second time around. There’s always that doubt, isn’t there, about whether what you’ve written is any good and whether anyone will like it. I’m hoping that the fact it’s being published means that at least someone likes it!

    • That’s so funny Amanda, I was going to write and say the exact same thing (about feeding kids a pdf)…

      However I suspect at my house, if the pdf was covered in tomato sauce, my kids would probably eat it.

  2. Glen Hunting

    Congratulations Natasha; you must be thrilled. Is it going to be Fremantle Press again?

  3. marlish glorie

    Fan-bloody-tastic Natasha, really pleased to hear that your Novel Bodies is coming out next year!!! All your hard work is paying off. On’ya!

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