Movies vs books

I was very excited to discover that one of my favourite books is about to be launched on to the big screen. I’ve spoken about Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, on my blog before and how I fell in love with this book as an impressionable eleven year old. I remember seeing at least a couple of adaptations of the book on the ABC over the years and of course there have been other movie versions of the book. But a new movie of a favourite book is always something to look forward to with anticipation – and dread.

Because favourite books can often be ruined by movies. We’ve all experienced that. And so, if I’m going to see an adaptation, I always find myself lowering my expectations upon arrival at the cinema – because how could a director better the version of the book that has played itself out in my head as I read?

But when they do better it, or at least match it, it’s almost like experiencing a new, albeit familiar story. The movie version of Atonement was like that for me. Here was a book I’d loved – and had felt the breath pummelled out of me as I reached the unexpected conclusion – and yet the same thing happened in the movie even though I aleady knew what was going to happen.

So I’m hoping Jane Eyre will be like that too. Take a look at the trailer I’ve attached – it seems as gothic and dark and romantic as it should be. What about you? What movie adaptations of books have you seen that you’ve loathed or loved?


  1. marlish glorie

    Now, film adaptations of novels. One of the best for me would have to be L.A Confidential , from the crime novel by James Ellroy. 80% of the underbrush of the novel was cut away but it was still an excellent film that conveyed very much what the novel was about. And the same goes for Brokeback Mountain from Annie Proulx’s short story. However I found the film adaptation of her novel The Shipping News very dissapointing.

  2. To Kill a Mockingbird remains the best I’ve seen.

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