Countdown to a book launch

It’s May! How did that come around so fast? That means there’s only 3 months to go till the launch of If I Should Lose You. So what does an author have to do in the three months leading up to a book launch? Here’s the list:

1. Update my website. I love my website but now it has to accommodate a brand new book, as well as a few other fun ideas that my fabulous website designers have come up with. So stay tuned and I’ll let you know when it’s all done.

2. Get some new head shots. I mean photos of me, publicity photos, for all the newspapers that are going to run big full page photos of me and my lovely book – I wish! My current publicity shots are a few years old and, I hate to say it, but I do look just a touch older now than I did back then. So, I have to start practising my smile …

3. Play around with Pinterest. I’ve just signed up to Pinterest because I think it’s a great way to share the books I like, what I’m reading, what the kids are reading etc in a way that’s much more interesting than posting a paragraph or two on my website.  Here’s the link to me on Pinterest, but it’s very early days; I’ve only got about one board up and running so far.

4. Answer all the interview questions on my book club notes. My publisher writes book club notes for my books, which is great, but there is always an interview with the author section so I have to think of some intelligent and fun answers that make it sound as if I absulutely knew what I was doing the whole time I was writing If I Should Lose You, which is not exactly true.

5. Tuck my advance copy of my book up on my pillow so it comes to no harm. The book is dedicated to my children. Now that my six year old can read, she decided to investigate the dedication page for herself, (thank god it was only the dedication page!) having learnt all about the different parts of a book at school. She was so excited to see her name on the dedication page that now she wants to take the book along to school for news. I only have one copy and I am loath to let it out of my sight but I know I’ll give in.

6. Practise signing my name. I sign my name so rarely these days that I think I’ve almost forgotten how to do it. So I’d better get in some practice between now and the book launch.

7. Write my third book. Now would be a good time to do that, before all the craziness of having a new book out there begins. Luckily I’m on a bit of a writing roll at the moment …

8. Enjoy the next three months!

PS – I hope you like the cover ..


  1. Sounds like you will be busy, busy!!! Love, love the cover – I’d pick it up off the shelf!

  2. marlish glorie

    Wonderful blog Natasha – love the fact that you put your advance copy up on your pillow, it’s very precious that advance copy. I love the cover , it’s absolutely intriguing, as I’m sure in the inside of the book is too.

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