From idea to book – a video of how it worked for me

I thought I’d try something a bit different today – my first video post. Enjoy!


  1. Trin

    Thoroughly enjoyed your video post. I loved hearing about the process you have been through. I put you on full screen and had a coffee in hand and now feel like we just met up for coffee – even if it was a little one sided! Looking forward to next week’s coffee and even more so to your book being released.

  2. Really enjoyed listening to your video blog..looking forward to the sequel and to eventually getting my hands on the book. A video blog is a very nice idea.

  3. marlish glorie

    I dunno…. I liked your video blog well enough,…but I prefer the written word. I just love reading. I think a big part of reading is that I love the imagining.
    Still, really looking forward to reading your novel when it comes out as it sounds fascinating.

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