One draft is never enough

As promised, here’s Part 2 of my video blog that I began last week. In this one, I talk about how much there is to do after the first draft is finished and how a draft manuscript finally becomes a real, live book.


  1. Glen Hunting

    Have you had a haircut, or are you just sweeping it back over your shoulders now? It looks a shade or two lighter, too. And those go-faster stripes on your shoulders…your jumper seems to be imitating a tracksuit. Have you just come back from a jog, or have you been watching the Olympics?

    • No haircut and no Olympics – unless you call chasing after 3 children an Olympic sport!

      • Glen Hunting

        Wow. If you’d made up a story about your hair (and your go-faster stripes) I would have completely believed you. Have you employed a new lighting designer, perhaps???
        Don’t mind me; I’m just being perverse and focussing on the superficial things in life this week…like peoples’ chameleon appearances on their video blogs 🙂 And don’t worry, you looked perfectly fine on both occasions.

  2. cassie

    Thanks for a great video blog. I’m an aspiring writer, following a similar path (about to have third child while studying MA in creative writing) and found this video extremely helpful in supplying the kind of practical advice which isn’t always easy to find. Thanks for your generosity.

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