Working with the Australian Writers’ Centre in 2014

iStock_000023508261XSmallIn case you missed the news last week, the Australian Writers’ Centre is opening a branch in Perth and has asked yours truly to be a part of the team rolling out writing courses to all the lovely people of Perth. I have been literally bursting to share the news for a while now as I’m not the best secret keeper, so I’m glad I can finally tell all.

The Australian Writers’ Centre has been teaching aspiring writers a range of courses, from blogging to creative writing, to travel writing, to magazine writing, since 2005. It currently offers classroom based courses in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as online classes to anyone, and is now set to roll out in all its fabulousness here in Perth!

At the moment, three courses will be offered. Magazine Writing Stage 1 will be taught by State Director and media guru Alecia HancockBlogging for Beginners will be taught by Trae Flett of Where’s My Glow? fame; and Creative Writing Stage 1 will be taught by me. The great thing about these courses is that the content is tried and true as they have been running for several years over east. The Creative Writing Stage 1 course that I will teach here is the same as the Creative Writing Stage 1 course that’s taught in Sydney  and Melbourne (by none other than writers of the calibre of Kylie Ladd!), but I’ll add my own special flavour and lashings of wit and ingenuity of course!

In all seriousness, I am very thrilled and honoured to have been asked by the Australian Writers’ Centre to be a part of their team and I can’t wait to begin sharing the writing love here in Perth. Creative Writing Stage 1 will be offered as a weekend course, running from 10am-4pm over a Saturday and Sunday. The dates aren’t quite set for the first course in early 2014, but you can register your interest here and receive a full course outline, which will let you know exactly what I’ll be covering over the 2 days.

So, that’s my first piece of exciting news for 2014. Let’s hope there’s more exciting news to share with you all soon! And I look forward to seeing some of you at the Australian Writers’ centre, Perth branch, next year.


  1. marlish glorie

    This is absolutely brilliant news , Natasha! And I shall be passing on this blog to my remote country writers as well as to Perth based writers! Now, fingers crossed tightly, and my prayers, for the next piece of exciting news!

  2. Louise Allan

    Congratulations, Natasha. From what I’ve heard, you’re a supportive and encouraging teacher and your courses are excellent. I’m looking forward to the next piece of exciting news — sounds like it’s imminent …

    • Thank you Louise for your comments. And sorry if I gave you the impression of imminence about further exciting news – nothing like that – just me sending good vibes out into the world and hoping to have them returned!

      • Louise Allan

        My apologies — I put two-and-two together and got five. Again. I’ll put good vibes out to the world for you, too!

  3. Natasha Lester – you bloody legend! That is really great news about the Writers Centre opening up in Perth. I have looked longingly at all of the awesome courses they run … and then at plane fare costs … :I would like to write for Magazines so that will be one for me, and I will no doubt enroll in yours to build on the skills I have learned so far. I note Louise’s comment above about you being a supportive and encouraging teacher. That is you in a snapshot. What great news for WA writers!

    • Thanks Kaili – if I ever need to feel better, I know I just have to blog and all the amazing writers I’ve met will come online and make me feel fantastic! The Magazine Writing course is apparently terrific, and Alecia Hancock is amazing so I know you’ll love that course if you sign up. And of course I would love to see you again in my course too. Hope all the writing is going well.

  4. Glen Hunting

    Congratulations on your new appointment, Natasha. It’s a credit to you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself doing it.

  5. Tamara

    Congratulations Natasha!!!! I have done an online course with the Australian Writers’ Centre and found it absolutely brilliant. I was only sorry I couldn’t do it in a classroom situation. I don’t think anything can fully replace face to face interaction with other students and a teacher.

  6. Emma

    That’s great news. Any idea where the venue will be?

  7. annabelsmith

    Well done Natasha, that’s fantastic and I’m sure well-deserved – I’m always reading tweets about how great your courses are.

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