About Natasha Lester

It took me a while to work out that I could be a writer. After I left school, I studied Marketing and Public Relations and had lots of fun in various advertising and marketing jobs for a few years – I used to organise people to dress up in cow suits at events around Perth to promote a certain brand of Choc Milk, and I’ll always remember filling my cupboards with every shade of lipstick you can imagine whilst working for L’Oreal in Melbourne.

Luckily for me, my husband and I had to come back to Perth so he could set up his business otherwise I might still have beautiful toenails but no book!  That was when I decided to do something about the dream I’d always had of being a writer, a dream that I’d told very few people about and a dream that I hadn’t, until then, been confident enough to pursue.

From that moment on, lots of things happened which made me believe I’d taken the right step: the first piece of writing I ever submitted to a journal was accepted.  That was the best $100 I’d ever earned.  This is easy, I remember thinking!

Of course, it wasn’t always that easy; I’ve had plenty of rejections since then but enough pieces published to keep me going. I completed a Master of Creative Arts a couple of years ago; in fact an earlier draft of What is Left Over, After was the major component of my thesis.

And then, clichéd as it sounds, my dream really did come true. I won the 2008 TAG Hungerford Award for Fiction for my novel What is Left Over, After, and secured a publishing contract with Fremantle Press. In between all of that, I’ve had three children, two beautiful girls aged four and two, and I’ve just had a gorgeous baby boy. Nowadays, I write while the kids are sleeping, which is, of course, never for long enough.

To find out more about me and my  books, please take a look at my website.


  1. Hi Natasha – I was just on facebook when an update for your blog came via Freo Press. This is great! So happy and full of humour. I shall keep reading!!

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